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MS series proximity probe’s

We design probes to meet API 670 standards. Each system consists of a probe, extension cable, and a probe signal conditioner. The signal conditioner, also called proximitors, probe driver and transmitters (4-20mA) directly interface with the probe and extension cable.

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We have made it easy, Simply input your part number view our compatible probes.  ProxProbe’s offer similar functionality and great alternatives to other probes. Proxprobe’s designs & assembles all probes and is not affiliated with any other probe manufacturers.

*Bently Nevada is a subsidiary of GE Electric® and in no capacity affiliated with ProxProbes or MachineSaver

Vibration Probes,

Whether you are buying a new vibration probe or replacing an existing one. You came to the right place. MachineSaver vibration experts are ready to help. From compatibility verification to installation assistance. We make the process as seamless as possible.

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