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Proximity probe | 3300XL and 3000 series| Proxprobes, Tx, US
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When you need quality proximity probes fast to get your critical machines up and going:
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Nobody can deliver proximity probes faster than Proxprobes.com

Can't Find The Proximity Probe You Need?

Proximity probe selection and ordering spares can be a difficult task. Proxprobes.com makes it easy. Let our experts help you find the proximity probes that best suit your requirements.
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Compatibility And Interchangeability

ProxProbes is fully API 670 Compliant For All Current & Legacy Bently Nevada® Proximity Probes

100% compatible and interchangeable with other manufacturers of API-670 compliant proximity probe systems for large oil lubricated (journal) bearing machines. Exact same fit, form and function. If you currently use API-670 style proximity probes in your machines chances are our engineers designed them or built them at one time in their career.


Proximity probe systems from proxprobes.com are used primarily for radial shaft vibration, axial shaft position, machine speed as well as machine condition vibration analysis.


Our probes, extension cables and proximity drivers we supply are made of the finest and most durable materials to provide many years of reliable machine protection.

Standard warranty is two years. Extended warranties are available upon request.

Proximity probes, also called prox probes or eddy current probes revolutionized the measurement of vibration in large turbomachinery by allowing the direct observation of the rotating shaft relative to the very large case of the machine. This is an important vibration measurement sensor for oil lubricated or journal bearings type machines. Typically prox probes are used when the machine case mass is much larger relative to the smaller rotating shaft mass. The prox probe is also used for other machine measurements like speed and axial shaft position.

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We look forward to helping you achieve optimal performance goals for your manufacturing and machinery monitoring. We pride ourselves on the strength and reliability of our hardware and software to keep your machine running at all times and the quality and expedited delivery to meet your most urgent proximity probe needs.